Mistress of the Vampire: A sexy new adult romance novelMistress of the Vampire: A sexy new adult romance novel by Elena Darkmoon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the beginning I was so skeptic about this book, because I simply do not want to read books with vampires, death and half death creatures. But this book really surprised me… in every way. So, my obeisance, young lady!!! Very clear sentences and easy-to-read language are truly wealth of this book. Describing one love story with a vampire, in a very modern time, bring you a thoughts of possibility that really love exist, even between such a different kind. Narrating story of being a mistress of vampire, this young author bring us to another dimension. On the beginning you meet young student Lenna, naive, shiny and good and after that, reading this book, you are witness of her transformation to a fighter. There are also her best friend Sarah, a modern free girl and her Gramps, which death will open the Pandora box of Lenna’a life. Also, her description of Magnus, her lover, a good looking and rich vampire, just make you to start loving vampires 🙂 This is an unusual and quite interesting love story and I deeply recommend it.
And, of course, my big thank you to the author who gave me the opportunity to read and review this book.

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